Why Invest in Symbio?

Our platform delivers the full communication stack, from local carrier infrastructure to app integrations, across multiple Asia-Pacific regions.

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Leveraging opportunities

Founded in 2002, Symbio was born from the insight that old-fashioned telecom networks were costly, complex and painful to deal with. Their time was over. There had to be a better way.

With this clear-eyed vision for change, Symbio co-founders Andy Fung and Rene Sugo created a better communication network. One powered by software, engineered for effortless performance and reliability, and designed to be easy to adopt and use.

Continuing to execute on this vision for twenty years, Symbio has grown to become a market leader, powering communication across the Asia-Pacific region.

Today, Symbio’s products power calling and messaging for government and enterprise, software platforms, global telecoms, and much more.

Compelling investment case

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Market tailwinds

Symbio operates at the intersection of several global megatrends that are delivering sustained business growth. These include the digitisation of enterprise, the demand for remote working technology and the emergence of Asia as a hub for global business.

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Strong balance sheet

Symbio has high-quality recurring revenue, ample cash and no drawn debt. Plus, a track record of delivering EBITDA growth of 20% over the past five years. Investors can have confidence that Symbio is well prepared to ride out economic uncertainty.

Clear vision

Executing global expansion with the goal of reaching 100 million numbers and presence in five new Asia Pacific regions by 2030.

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High quality customers

Robust business with long-term customers including enterprise, government, Tier 1 carriers and global software companies.

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100% proprietary network

Use our own multi-regional IP voice network, providing unmatched control over quality and reliability.

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Investing for growth

Building a unique, highly defensible business through the creation of Regional Hubs enabling cloud communication.

Investor & media contact

To get in touch with the Symbio investor relations team please call (+61) 2 8008 8088

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